Monday, 24 January 2011

Sound track

When we finish editing our bag swap. we had to put sound onto our video. so we use a program on the mac called "soundtrack pro" we needed a good background music like a intense sound when the guy e.g. me walks in and sit next to a guy e.g. nahid. The clip intense would increase as the guy about to swap the bag and take it.

we couldn't just take any background because it is copyright so we couldn't use it. Therefore we had to create a new background track from scratch.  

Here is a print screen of our clip in "soundtrack pro" In the middle there is a timeline where you drag the sound from the bottom right to the middle. In the timeline you can move and editing part where you want to fade out a part of the sound and to fade in.

In the left hand side you can see our clip. It is link because you can move the sound where you want the background music for a particular scene.

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