Monday, 24 January 2011

Introduction to cameras

In Class we were given a tutorial lesson on how we use this camera.

This is the type of camera we was going to be using. Its JVC camera, top of the range camera to be using for our filming. In the lesson we was taught how to operate this camera. For example we was taught how :
  • To insert the SD memory card in the camera
  • To turn on and off a camera
  • To zoom in and out
  • To use the manual focus button
  • To reduce the amount of light going into the camera

We was told that we should treat this equipment with care as if it was one of our own electronic devices. For example, if it was raining then the department can offer us a special umbrella for the camera therefore the camera would not be damaged. It is essential that we should not leave the camera on it own or laying on a bench. If the camera was to broke then we all as a group would be paying the fine. 

This is the type of tripod we're going to use. This tripod allows us to pan a shot steadily and and track a shot and this also help us to keep the camera still. The handle on top allows us to move directions of the camera so we won't have to keep moving the tripod around per scene. But before that we must put the camera on the tripod and we have to make sure all the legs are fully streched out so the tripod so it won't be shakey and the camera wont slip out, also we have to make sure that the camera is tightened once it's placed on top of the tripod. Also this Tripod has a compass which allow us to see if the Tripod is steady and straight up. Tripods should also be treated with care as it allows the user to attach the camera on top so we must be cautious when we travel around with this peice of equipment.

These camera are very delicate so we should take good care of it. Also once we borrowed the equipment we should hand it back in on time as other student are waiting to use the equipment after us.

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