Monday, 24 January 2011

Analysis of a title sequence

Taken Of Pelham 123
The main reason the title sequence of Taken Of Pelham 123 inspired me is because of it has a fast upbeat soundtrack which attract the viewers and the editing pace is quite fast which make it more interesting.

State the Production and Distribution companies
  • Columbia Pictures
  • MGM
  • Scott Free Media
  • Relativity Media
this show that it has big companies names to encourage people to watch it.

List the information that is included in the title sequence
  • Director
  • Actor 
  • Title of movie 
  • Other actors
  • Casting
  • Proexectutive Producers
  • Editor
  • Productive assisstant
  • Director of photography
  • Produces
  • Casting/costumes 

Title Sequence Timeline: enter the start and end times of the film opening, and then the plot the title sequence along the line
  • 15sec: Film starts
  • 19sec: Columbia IDENT 
  • 23sec: Columbia Pictures, MGS
  • 30sec: Relativity Media
  • 33sec: Scott Free/Escape Artist 
  • 41sec: Tony Scott - 1st actor
  • 46sec: Denzel Washington - 2nd actor
  • 50sec: John Travolta - 3rd actor 
  • 1min17sec: Taken Of Pelham 123 - Title 
  • 1min22sec: Location  
  • 1min43sec - 1min49sec: Supporting actors
  • 1min54: Group of actor
  • 2min28sec: Minor actors
  • 2min32sec: Casting
  • 2min34sec: Costumer
  • 2min38sec: Film ends

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