Sunday, 16 January 2011

What interests you about intextuality in film. Post some examples. :RESEARCH


Intertextuality is taking ideas from other media texts and shaping them to be used in another media text. Psycho's famous shower scene is an excellent example of intertextuality as many films intertextualize with it. There is intertextuality with Psycho and; The Stepfather, Succubus, What Lies Beneath and Fatal Attraction.

The Stepfather duplicates Psycho with the idea of the injured character pulling down the shower curtain after being stabbed in the shower. Both movies use the same type of knife to execute the victim.

Succubus duplicates Psycho by doing the exact same soundtrack that was being used in Psycho, both the movies will were held in bathroom, they both had a scene where the victim was stabbed to death with the same type of knife from Psycho.
What Lies Beneath duplicates to Psycho by having already established the bathroom as an important location, a climactic moment as the character gets drugged and is left paralyzed in a running bath. The images of her fingers reaching out, her eyes frantically staring and her breath gasping, are reminiscent of the iconic scene from the shower scene in Psycho.

Fatal Attraction duplicates to Psycho with the use of shadows which add much more suspense. The same type of kitchen knife is used in both films and there is also a scene which is held in the bathroom in Fatal Attraction which is a reference to Psycho.

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