Monday, 17 January 2011

How is suspence created in the film you watched in class? Analyse 3 scenes in detail. :RESEARCH

How Was Suspense Created In Memento

Suspense was created in various ways in this movie. Such as flashbacks, the music soundtrack being used, the moments when the main character gets sudden suffocations. Three scenes in where we can see suspense in Memento is below:

The first scene of when suspense is created is when the main character gets a sudden flashback and starts to remember what happened to his wife and how she was brutally murdered. Whilst he remembers what happened to her he beings to sweat and starts to breathe really heavily, this indicates that he's finding it hard to remember the flashback but it shows that he's determined to remember. When he recovers from his flashback he becomes very edgey and not that confident in what he just had a flashback but he then evendually remembers what happens and then he writes it on a post-it-note this shows that he's clever due to him being unable to store new memories he decides to write his thoughts down as he'll be able to look at them later on when he needs to.

Another scene of when suspense is created is when the main character starts to feel suffocated out of know where, this is due to the fact that his wife was being suffocated to death and it's as if he's in her body feeling the same pain, I think that is very clever as we get a quick view in to how his wife felt when she was getting assulted. When he recovers from his suffocation he becomes very agile and starts to mumble to himself so he can re-gather his thoughts. Also when he's being trapped in suffocation he tends to get very sweaty and uneased it's as if he's trying to make himself suffocate on purpose so he can remember what happened on the night his wife was brutally murdered. 

Another way that suspense was created in Memento was the soundtracks being used. This is a very clever way to add suspense as the characters are able to act around the soundtrack. There is a scene when the main character wakes up from a sleep and he suddenly gets a flashback and when he wakes up the soundtrack starts to get involved, as the scene continues the soundtrack becomes more apparent. The main character starts to go topless and when he goes topless you can hear an upbeat sound being used, this helps the user to get more involved in the movie it also gets the audience trapped in suspence and they get much more interested in the movie it also gets the audience on the edge of their seats as they can't wait to see what happens next.-

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