Thursday, 27 January 2011

Watching documentary

When I was watching the documentary i believe that Thomas Sutcliffe once said "Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible" this mean it should seduce your audience; either by going straight into a film or right from the beginning of the film this is to seduce your audience with an instant arousal. I think that for me as an audience the a movie should start straight from the beginning so therefore it would pull me in and waiting for something to happen.
There is risk for starting a film with such energy and high expectations is that the expectations are hard to keep up. It has to live up to the rest of the film so there won't be any disappointment. For example, i think by having a car crash or someone dying in the first scene it may look abit dull and boring at first, but for me as an audience I think that it would draw me in and keep me anxious. Quoting from the “watching” documentary "good beginning must take the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little".  What this mean is that it should not give too much clue or hint away or give too less information this may make the audiences bored or not wanting to watch it.
Some movies opening contain long shots of location such as a town or area of a map. This is part of mise en scene this allows the audience to understand where the situation is being held. Also, you have to establish your characters and introduce the important roles in the films so that the audience can get a clear understanding of the story line.
'A favourite trick of Film Noir' means to show the end of the film at the beginning. Hence, this allow the audience to see the event happening and leaving the audience clueless of what and how it led to this event. It makes the audience have to watch through the whole movie in order to know the leading up to the event.
The opening of the film 'Touch Of Evil' is the longest scene ever record into one shot. it is 4 minutes long. No cut was used until like the very end. It must of took quite a very long time in order to fit everything perfectly into one shot without any mistake. At the beginning we was tracking and following a car, the audience think that they are the main character. Then afterward we switch toward two couples walking on the pavement now we believe that these two are the main characters.

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