Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Intertextuality is taking ideas from other media texts and shaping them to be used in another media text. Psycho's famous shower scene is an excellent example of intertextuality as many films intertextualize with it. There is intertextuality with Psycho and; The Stepfather, Fatal Attraction, Succubus and What Lies Beneath

The Stepfather duplicates Psycho with the idea of the main character pulling down the chower curtains after being stabbed, pulling the shower curtain down is an last act the character makes. Also both these movies used the same type of knives to attack their victims.

Fatal Attraction copys Psycho with the fact that they also used shadows which added much more suspense in to the scene. Both these productions also used the same type of knife  and there is also a scene which is held in the bathroom in Fatal Attraction which is a a direct reference to Psycho.

Succubus also does uses an effect from Psycho by doing the exact same soundtrack that was being used in Psycho, both the movies were also held in the bathroom. Again the same type of knife was used to kill the victim.

What Lies Beneath duplicates Psycho by after the victim gets assulted their left in state that there body is paralysed, they're motionless but their eyes are wide open and they tell us how much pain the victim is in, also when the characters fingers are reaching out this was also done in Psycho.

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