Friday, 21 January 2011

Introduction to editing: SKILLS

Editing 'Bag Swap'
After we created our short-piece production, we started to edit the production. We used an software called 'Final Cut' in order to edit our movie, we used it on the Mac computers, Mac computers are specifically designed to edit videos/pictures. Below is an image of how we used the software to modify and edit our production.

The image above is a image of how we used the software to edit our production. We took many scenes so we had to cut and delete certain scenes so our movie will look good and much more professional. As we're getting marked on our ability to edit scenes it was an vital element that our production was edited in an suitable order.

Whilst we were on 'Final Cut'  we edited our piece by cropping out certain parts of scenes so it's as if they were merged together. This wasn't that difficult as to what we thought, with great ease we manged to put merge all the scenes together.

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