Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation How does your media product represent particular social groups

The social group that appeals to the audience is older teenagers such as 18's. As you can see i picked out a scene from my movie and a scene from the taking of pelham 123 because these two clip are similar. it show a a young gender wearing clothes like an everyday clothing.

This is kind of fit in the stereotype because both of the mysterious attacker are wearing dark jacket and an a hat. When we think of what the attacker is wearing we thought of this so that's why we chose that the attacker of our film would wear.

As you can see both of our victim are wearing smart clothing like a suit and bright colour. we thought it would be good for our video when the victim stand out in the video

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Here is an example which shows how our film is similar to that of Bullitt.

it shows how the camera shots are related, pans left and then followed by a zoom.

after this the production company is shown, extremely similar to that of ours.

after this is followed by the main character

then the title of the movie

EVALUATION: Question 1 - Forms and Conventions of title thriller sequence

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media  products?

In our film, we used our title sequence effectively to draw more emphasis on the genre of the film (suspense /mystery thriller) .

The intertextuality between the title sequence used is also used in many other films we have used.

Our titles/credits, slowly fade in, this draws more suspense as it resembles what is actually happening in the film (the killer slowly appearing).

However, our titles appear rapidly to add to the emphasis of the 'thriller' effect. 

On the left you can see the production company name of our company, whereas on the right, you can see the production company name of Pelham 123. Both of these are similar to each other because the title comes over a landscape shot of the environment.

On the left you can see our film title 'Shatter'. The effect of the titles are that it slowly fades in and crumbles towards the floor, to show effect that the glass is breaking, thus resembling a glass falling to the floor and breaking. The titles of Pelham 123 appear very fast, resembling a fast moving object, in this case, a moving train.

On the left our credits appear on our film, the names slowly fade in and fade out, to resemble the killer in our film. Whereas the credits on Pelham 23 appear very fast to build up suspense and to add to the frantic atmosphere which is already created by the amount of people rushing in the background.

Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

As you can see here is the comparsion title sequence that inspired us and help us through the mading of thethriller opening. we followed each code and convention below is the intertextuality of us thriller and the taking of pelham 1 2 3 :


As you can hear from the taking of pelham 123 the beat is very high tempo which inspired is in our film.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Seeing as our group only consists of four people we wanted to have more actors in our film so we invited one other actor to help us out. He was a good actor and i want to thank him even though is he was lazy.
Below is our Credits List in Order of Appearance in the film 

Film by Abid Khan and Fuzail Ismail

Edit by Viet Nguyen and Fuzail Ismail

Starring Nahid Miah and Jakir Hossain

Music by Fuzail Ismail

We all chipped in and help as much as we can.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of the our film shatter

Before we started filming we had a lot of problems such as what location to film at but one of groups members stood up and volunteered and offer to film at his house. During the half term we didn't film at all so that was one of our problems but however after the half term we all buckled down at got serious and film. it took us only two days to fully get all our clips.  other than that i think we have produced the film to the best of our abilities. 

If we had more time to film, there is so much more we wanted to include to make our film flow easier and to show off more of our creativity camera skills. 
we also wanted to add a scene of window curtains moving when the shadow figures stand behind the victim and such noise and movements of the shadow figure walking but we haven't had enough time to achieve all of this.

This is one of my favourite scene in our film. it took a lot of time and caution when we was filming this because of the glass piece and we didn't want to harm one of our members.

I would like to thanks all to my group for having such a fun time while filming.


Personally, I think our media film came out pretty well, we succeeded in what we aimed for. We aimed to produce a high quality film that is in the thriller type genre and we achieved our goal.

Our film was about a normal person in his household reading a book and then suddenly an mysterious figure comes across the glass door. The victim in this film comes out to be paranoid and worried, he's anxiety leads him to get some water to calm himself down, but that's when we first see the mysterious figure, after exiting the kitchen the victim looks to his left to see if the theres anything suspicious going on but after he looks at the door he suddenly the figure comes across the door again, but by then the victim is already out the door. The victim then goes to the living room with his glass of water to continue reading the book. Then suddenly a loud knocking is heard, the victim looks towards the hall way with a great deal of caution, he goes to open the door but there's nobody there, he returns in to the house all confused, he then looks to his right with a great deal of anxiety, then thats when you see the figure in the household for the first time, then all of a sudden the glass drops from the victims hand, the glass shatters in to pieces, then all of a sudden the victim drops to the floor with blood pouring out his head/mouth.
If I had more time then I would of liked to change certain scenes, due to the fact that some scenes were a bit rushed and I feel if I had more time then we could of re-take those specific scenes and made it much more better.
Overall, I think our film came out pretty well and my fellow colleagues but their amount in to the work. 

The image on the left is our title sequence, this is the default introduction

The image on the left is when Jakir (killer) comes behind Nahid (victim) for the first time.

The image on the left is when the victim drops the glass out his hand.

The image on the left is when mysteriously the vicim is on the floor and blood pours out your mouth/head.

Final edit of Shatter

Rough cut with sound

This is our rough cut of our media production. We edited the scenes and added a soundtrack in to the production, but we still need to add the title sequence in to it, this is currently being in the making.


Editing Soundtrack

Here the group edited the soundtrack. We used an instrumental from Youtube, but we made sure that it was Copyright free, so we're enable to add it on to our production. Abid and Fuzail originally found the soundtrack, but Nahid and Viet thought we should alter the soundtrack so it fits perfectly in to our film.

Below are images of the whole group editing the soundtrack in how we wanted it, adding numerous amounts of effects to make it look more professional.

mise en scene: PLANNING

At first, we decided to go to Abid's house to film but the location seemed quite very far, it would take averagely an hour on the bus, we then decided to go to Nahid's house but that was also far for the liking of the team members.

Therefore we decided not to film there. However after turning down the chance to film in Nahid and Abid's house we had no other location to film so Fuzail decided we should film in his house. It would only take 30 minutes to get there from college and it was a great place to film.

Below is a photograph of the outside of Fuzail's house.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Title sequence for Shatter -IDEA

This is an idea of how we wanted our title sequence to look like. This was taken from Youtube, and was designed by somebody completely random.

As you can see since the title of our film production is called "Shatter" and this clip shatters, we wanted it to look like this as much possible.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Opening To Title Sequence

During our editing, we considered many options on what to put as our opening to the film. Some suggested that we place professional openings which are used by world class movie makers..

                                                        Abid thought of Universal.

Nahid thought of Warner Bros.

                                                       Fuzail thought of Columbia.

                                               Viet thought of 20th Century FOX

However, we decided not to use any of them big companies, as the audience will think that the film was made by a big Hollywood company and had a big film budget, but it obviously wasn't. So then we decided to use the CANDIStudios opening, this is also available to everyone that is doing Media.

Title Sequence Time-Plan

  1. Starring Nahid Miah
  2. & Jakir Hossain
  3. Cameraman
  4. Fuzail Ismail
  5. Abid Khan
  6. Edited by
  7. Fuzail Ismail
  8. Viet Ngyuyen

Evaluation Of Rough Cut

We edited all our scenes into one rough cut video.

Upon viewing this rough cut, we noticed the following problems which we had to address:

  • The slight jerking of the camera on the first scene of the house.
  • The scenes dragged on for too long.
  • The clip of the knocking had to be in sync with the sudden movement of Nahid's head.
  • The book reading scene had to have the clock moving in the background to give the effect of a long time period.
Apart from these problems, the use of the glass breaking in slow motion was highly rated by those that viewed it. Also the blood scene in which blood pours out of Nahid's mouth was seen as successful in tricking the viewers into thinking that actual blood was appearing from his head.

Second Day Of Filming

On the 2nd day of filming, all of our group were available, including the actor who was playing the killer.

We assembled early in college, took the equipment and made our way to Fuzail's house again. Upon arriving, we started to film our knocking scene as it was a race against time due to the sunlight decreasing. The lack of light would mean a complete failure in mise en scene.

We made Viet do the knocking wearing black McKenzie glove, as he was so persistent to do some form of acting. Note: Fuzail filming.

After the knocking scene, Abid went to the kitchen to create the fake blood using Golden Syrup and Red food colouring.

After finishing the making of the blood, we started to break the glass for our final scene. Nahid put the fake blood in his mouth and slowly let it pour out whilst lying on the floor to make the dramitic effect of blood gushing out of his head.