Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction To Cameras: Skills

In Class we were given a briefing about the usage of the college's cameras and equipment;

We were usually revolving around the important subject of looking after the cameras properly, and of course ways in which we could do that. These ranged from using the cameras special umbrella to protect it, if we were shooting a scene in the rain, to staying as close as we possibly can to the college, in case we decided to go to 'Heathrow Airport' for some Plane Spotting...

- We were also given a detailed analyses and a practical on how to operate the cameras, as we were having to redo the process with prying eyes watching us.
- We were taught how to insert an SD card into the camera aswell as remove it, we were taught how to focus an object or person using manual zoom, which was preferable because using auto zoom would usually give unfocused scenes at times as it is always searching for something to focus on, unlike the manual zoom which locks the focus onto the person or object we are trying to get the audience attention on, without disturbed focus ruining the shot.
- We were then shown a special filter the camera uses to allow more light into the lens, this is usually used when filming in the dark, where there is less light etc. but it is always preferable to film with enough light even when filming in the dark.


We were taught how to stand the tripod upright, by extending all the legs at their fullest reach and making sure they were 'locked' to make sure they were perfectly level, or depending on the type of shot or ground position we were told to extend the legs until we were satisfied it was level and the 'green bubbly thing' was also showing it was level. We were then shown how to slide the cameras into place, and were repeatedly told to always slide the camera in from the back of the tripod, and slide the camera in place making sure the camera didn't stick out either end, and lock it into place using the handle on the right of the tripod.

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