Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Intertextuality mean a visual referencing between films. In simple word it mean films that 'borrow' a bit from each other such as camera angles, mise en scene, snippets of sounds or methods of editing in some films that you have seen in others.

An example is a clip called 'succubus' where it take some aspects from the movie 'psycho'. In the clip we see a boy is having a shower and gets killed by a girl. But whereas in the movie 'psycho' there is a gender reverse where the woman is having a shower and the man comes in and kills the woman. The shower setting is very similar to the movie one. In both clips, we get a feeling of suspense because we know that while they are having a shower, we get a feeling that someone is coming and the character does not. This clip also borrow the stabbing pose and in both clip the camera shots are the same, we get mid shot and close up on the murderer. We only see victim’s reactions but we do not get dramatic images. In both same edit has been used, there pace is slowed down and there’s loud, digetic sound of 'knife punches'.

In stepfather, we also get the bathroom scene this is part of the mis en scene that is borrow from 'psycho'. we also have the stabbing pose. This pose is very commonly borrowed and used in many movies. we see the woman attacks the man with a sharp piece of a cracked mirror and he falls to the bath and pulls a shower curtain with him. This is quite significant because there is a low angle shot and a close up of the ripping curtain
when we see this we recongise it straight away. 

 Fatal attraction has aspects that have been borrowed from Psycho and used such as the fighting and action between these two people. The shower door aganist the glass is very similar to psycho. A woman and man are having a fight and try to kill each other, similarly to Psycho, where man murders the lady and she tries to defend herself. However i do not think that there are much camera work, sound or editing being borrow from psycho.

What Lies Beneath there are little aspects borrowed from Psycho, such as the use of Mise en Scene and the setting in bathroom. We do not see much except for the bathtub and the water inside. But the uses of water in the bath we can link to psycho. What happens in the scene is much different. I think that the opening of What Lies Beneath is much more similar to Psycho, where a character is having a bath and then get an unexpected electric shock, however we’re expecting something bigger to happen. But In psycho the character is working out and then flushes it down the toilet.

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