Monday, 24 January 2011

Choosing Our Shots

We used Final Cut Pro in order to choose the types of shots we needed for the Bag Swap to look legit.

First off we needed to save the project file in our video drive, so we could access the project file again in a later period. We then imported all of our clips from the SD card onto our Video Drive and then imported it into Final Cut Pro, so if we some how managed to delete or corrupt the video files we would still have the original copy of it in the SD card and vice versa.

After we imported the clips, we scanned through them to see which clips were needed to make the scene. We double clicked on the clip to view it and then used CMD I and O to choose particular scenes from the clip, and we then placed the scene onto the timeline.

We did this for all the 'needed' clips and placed them beside each other in chronological order on the timeline. After we reviewed the entire clip and were satisfied, we exported the clip as a Quicktime Movie.

We were then told to exported it using a compressed format, such as iPod etc. so that when we uploaded the footage to our blog, it would take less time.

We only managed to select the clips we needed, however we will be editing them in our next lesson.

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