Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Taken Of Pelham 123
The main reason the title sequence of Taken Of Pelham 123 inspired me is because of it's upbeatness, the scenes were very fast and it matched with the music perfectly. I also liked the idea of a 'bad guy' being able to walk around the subways as if he was an normal civilian, cause most movies nowadays don't use this type of idea for some reason but i think it's a really good idea and the fact that the 'bad guy' is using public transport is another good effect they created.

State the Production and Distribution companies
Columbia Pictures
Scott Free Media
Relativity Media
List the information that is included in the title sequence
Production companies
Distribution company
Key actors
Other casts

Title Sequence Timeline: enter the start and end times of the film opening, and then the plot the title sequence along the line
15sec: Film begins 
19sec: Columbia IDENT - shows that this is a big movie 
23sec: Columbia Pictures, MGS
30sec: Relativity Media
33sec: Scott Free/Escape Artist 
41sec: Tony Scott - 1st actor
46sec: Denzel Washington - 2nd actor
50sec: John Travolta - 3rd actor 
1minute &17sec: Taken Of Pelham 123 - Title 
1minute & 22sec: Location  
1minute & 43sec - 1min & 49sec: 5 actors are shown
2minute & 28sec: Minor actors (4 actors)
2minute & 32sec: Casting
2minute & 34sec: Costume designer
2minute & 38sec: Film ends

Film title - where exactly is this placed? Start, middle or end?
"Taken Of Pelham 123" is placed in the middle of the screen at 1 minute and17seconds in to the trailer, it is shown in the center of the screen.

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