Monday, 31 January 2011

Sound - Skills

After we completed the Bag Swap Scene, we knew we were missing something very important, we needed something to draw the audiences attention into the scene and get into the mood of the scene.

In order to do this we needed to have background music, but not just any background music, we needed to produce these from scratch and had to be absolutely original. We used Soundtrack Pro for this... 
There is a timeline in the middle which allows us to mix, crop and slide in place the sound clips, aswell as other features. At the bottom right of the program, it gives us a list of all the unique sounds, SFX etc. to help us create our "Mysterious Atmosphere".

After We managed to create a very mysterious soundtrack for our Bag Swap Clip. We rendered the soundtrack and placed it accordingly into our Final Cut Pro Project, which included our readily edited footage. We then simply matched the BGM with the clip and saved the project.


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