Monday, 31 January 2011

Font analysis

We can tell this is serif font because at the end of every letter it has a extra part to it. it is tend to be more traditional-looking and are usually used in more formal text e.g the dailytime. They generally look more old fashioned and 'classic' so therefore it is more aimed at older people and working class.

This is sans- serif font because it is commonly used e.g Arial and Comic Sans. This is more informal, they look 'modern', 'friendly' and some might say simple or childlike. They are generally used in texts aimed at a younger, lower class audience than texts using a Serif font

In this cover serif font is used. We can tell that this is aimed at older and more educated audience because serif font is normally used for formal movie front cover. The text is all in capitals, making it look very straight and orderly, like soldiers in a line. It could also mean it could be in the second world war because the font shows the boldness and stand out.

In rocky, the font (Franklin Gothic Heavy) is used. This is one of Sans Serif font. Which tells us that the film must be aimed at a younger, more casual audience than Pearl Harbor. The title is very bold and very big, which could have been used in order to portray Rocky. The title show the man who is strong and brave and quite muscilar. The font used in this seem to attract the audience more because of the title.


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