Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Introduction To Camera. :SKILLS

Camera and tripod introduction

In my last lesson we had an introduction to cameras, we learnt all the basic stuffs in how to operate an camera, what we've learnt is listed below;

One of the main points we learnd in the lesson was that the cameras are very expensive so it'll be wise if we take care of them as if they were our own personal property. If not we would have to pay a high fine in order to repair/replace the camera/tripod.

This is the type of camera we're going to use to record our project. We learnt what are the functions in how to record and what buttons do what as well as how to record. This type of camera is quite exspensive so we should deal with it with care. There is two ways in how you can record you can record using manual focus or you can use auto focus, we were told that we should use auto focus as it'll be much to our advantage as it'll make the lighting better for our recording. We also learnt that if we decide to zoom in on a subject then there is a rubber attachment infront of the camera that'll allow the user to gain focus and make the subject much more visable to the seeing eye.

This is the type of tripod we're going to use. This tripod allows us to mount the camera on top and be able to record our project peacefully without having to worry of the camera shaking. The handle on top allows us to move directions of the camera so we won't have to keep moving the tripod around per scene. But before we get to put the camera on the tripod we have to make sure all the legs are fully streched out so the tripod won't be shakey and the camera wont slip out, also we have to make sure that the camera is tightened once it's placed on top of the tripod. Tripods should also be treated with care as it allows the user to attach the camera on top so we must be cautious when we travel around with this peice of equipment.

Cameras of these sorts are very delicate so we should always remember to handle them with caution, if it's raining we should get an special umbrella that should be placed over the camera so it wont get wet, and if it rains heavily we should cancel filming for the day and reschedule it for another day. Also once we borrowed the equipment we should hand it back in on time as other student are waiting to use the equipment after us.

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