Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What Lies Beneath

The opening of the trailer is all blacked out and slowly the music starts to come in to play, this keeps the audience in expectation.

The production company’s title appears when there’s a full black background, it comes in slowly, at that time there’s fog being used so it comes in steadily with it. Then after the production companies names are shown, the title of the movie appears, it's shown as if it's being reflected by water also its as if we're seeing the title in a dark and mysterious night under the moon. Then all of a sudden an pair of eyes appear at first we persume it belongs to an dead person but then we realise the eyes belong to the main character as she is coming out the bath. From this we get a small little hint what this movie is about.

Then the camera takes us in to the bathroom of the main character, we're placed where presume the door of the bathroom will be, then slowly we come closer to the main character, she starts to breathe quite heavily indicates that she’s quite scared, she then looks around to make sure she is safe and alone. By doing this we are led to believe that the main character doesnt feel safe in persumably her own bathroom, this also gives us an indication in what type of movie this will be about.

Then the camera ‘jump shots’ to a scene where the main character is blow drying her hair, the hair dryer stops to work, whilst trying to fix it she gets a little electric shot, she then manages to fix the hair dryer, whilst she's blow drying her hair she is standing infront of an mirror, the mirror is foggy and you cant see no reflection, at this point we are placed behind the character it's as if we are watching her over her shoulder. Also it's as if something is watching her and once the mirror is cleared then it'll be visable.

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