Sunday, 16 January 2011

Detailed analysis of thriller clip

This clip starts with a pitch dark background for a few seconds then suddenly a slow fog and mist start to appear, this is almost like a mysterious atmosphere to draw the audience in and create a tension before the clip has started. 

As the fog and smoke start appearing, the background music slowly starts. The music is very slow and mysterious this is for the audience to drop what ever they are doing and draw them in. 

The editing of the production credit is wavy and appears on the screen for only a few second and then slowly dissolve into thin air. This is a ripple effect. We see something is reflecting light on the water. The bright light moves from right to left, creates impression where it is going to begin. However, because light keeps changing the position, it's hard for the audience to see.

A white scary face with black eyes appears on the screen. It looks like a dead person underneath water. The audience suddenly jump when they see this because in the first few second of the clip it's quite a calm atmosphere then suddenly this scary white pop out from nowhere. 
The face is looking up straight 'into the audience' and then the scene jump change into the main character's face which coming out from the bath. 

The camera then slowly zoom in on this woman as if we are creeping up on someone. The zooming in take the audience into the room where woman is and allow us to feel like we are being close to her. This is a point of view shot showing the audience the surrounding of the setting. Her breathing is quite loud and hard. It is like almost she has been under the water to long. She seems quite scared and frightened. She looks around herself to check if she is safe and alone.

We then move to the next scene where the woman is drying her hair. There is a close up on the hair-dryer (the audience now feel as if something might happen). She drags the hair-dryer to the mirror and blows the hot air.

Then suddenly the hair-dryer stop working. (again the audience suddenly feel something bad at this moment will happen). When she is trying to fix it, the electric start to play up this is like a false plateau, but the hair-dryer starts to work back. 
The camera slowly moves to her looking in the mirror from behind. This feeling is like someone is watching her and now creeping up on her. 

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