Monday, 24 January 2011


Lastly for our video to be completed we needed to add the title sequence to our video. To do this we used a program called "Livetype". We all had to take part in our editing.

Here is the first title sequence of our video. we had to editing each part seperate because it would not allow us to edit it all into page.

This is the second screen shot our title sequence. in order for the second title sequence to come in. The first title sequence has to fade out before this come in. But when you have got the hang of this program it then become quite easy and familar to use.

This is the third part of our title sequence. In this we had to correlate with the second screen shot because then the title sequence would make sense. If it did not move at the same time the video would look bad and unproffesional.

This was hard but we managed to do it and our video look quite good. So im quite proud of what we have achieved

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