Sunday, 16 January 2011

Detailed anaysis of Thriller Clip analysed in class: RESEARCH

What Lies Beneath

The opening of the is all blacked out, this was done so it puts the audience intention. The soundtrack slowly comes in as the trailer progresses, the music is very mysterious so it keeps the audience intrigued.

The production company’s title appears when there’s a full black background, it comes in slowly, at that time there’s fog being used so it comes in steadily with it. For a good few seconds there is a black background. After the production companies are shown suddenly the title of the movie is shown, it is shown as if it is reflected by water in the midnight whilst the moon is out.

Then suddenly we see a pair of eyes, we first believe that the eyes belong to a dead person but we’re mistaken as the main character is simply coming out the bath. From this we get a slight indication what the movie is about.

The camera take us in to the character’s bathroom, the angle is from as if we’re positioned where the door is, the camera then zooms in to the main character and by doing this it also feels as if we’re also in the bathroom walking closer to the character. She starts to breathe really heavily which indicates that she’s quite scared, she then looks around to make sure she is safe and alone. Then the camera ‘jump shots’ to a scene where the main character is blow drying her hair, the hair dryer stops working and then immediately we have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, it then starts to work again, at this time the character is next to the mirror we’re also looking over the character’s shoulder so it feels as if something is watching her and she’ll only be able to see through the mirror she’s standing in front of.

There’s no dialog being used in the trailer so it traps the audience in suspense. There is very little diegetic sounds being used as well but this also grabs the audience’s attention as the only thing we can hear is the main character.

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