Monday, 24 January 2011

Livetype and Sound: SKILLS

Soundtrack Pro Introduction
Using 'Soundtrack Pro' I explored how to insert music and sound effects to our 'Bag Swap' production. Literally over hundreds of sounds to chose from, and there were such wide categories such as from; orchestral, electrical, dark sounds, natural sounds, nature sounds, vocal sounds like breathing, singing, talking and screaming, drums, violins and heavy beats and many more.

We used this software so we can make our own background soundtrack for our movie, this soundtrack will have to match our video piece, as we're doing a theft the soundtrack has to be as if it's a thriller type of sound.

The image above shows us what buttons on the software do what. In our soundtrack we're going to use a variety of sounds so it'll fit into our production piece perfectly.

We've decided to go for a 'thriller type' of soundtrack, so it should fit in nicely with our video. Most of our sounds that are going to be used, come from the 'dark sounds' category.

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