Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Second Day Of Filming

On the 2nd day of filming, all of our group were available, including the actor who was playing the killer.

We assembled early in college, took the equipment and made our way to Fuzail's house again. Upon arriving, we started to film our knocking scene as it was a race against time due to the sunlight decreasing. The lack of light would mean a complete failure in mise en scene.

We made Viet do the knocking wearing black McKenzie glove, as he was so persistent to do some form of acting. Note: Fuzail filming.

After the knocking scene, Abid went to the kitchen to create the fake blood using Golden Syrup and Red food colouring.

After finishing the making of the blood, we started to break the glass for our final scene. Nahid put the fake blood in his mouth and slowly let it pour out whilst lying on the floor to make the dramitic effect of blood gushing out of his head.

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