Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Planning - Location

On the day we had to plan everything, we had to firstly find out where we would be shooting.

At first we had suggested to film at Viet's house because he lives only 5 minutes away from the college, and it would be more convenient to film there as we would be able to get back to our other lessons on time. However, Viet wasn't too keen on the idea and started to get very agitated about us filming there.

Then we had to think of another idea. Someone in our group shouted out 'Let's film at Abid's house', but then i told them how far away from the college i live, and how long it would take us to travel there, so we all had to choose between Fuzail's house or Nahid's house. However we soon decided to film at Fuzail's house as Nahid said that he wouldn't be able to film at his house during the morning as it would be too inconvenient for his parents.

As we arrived at Fuzail's house, we looked around for a suitable place to carry out our filming. We soon found that his front room and kitchen were suitable for many reasons such as:

  • The kitchen would be relevant in our film
  • The front room would be a perfect place for many shots of the masked figure and the victim.
  • The front room was also perfect for filming because the lighting was perfect because the front room had many windows.

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