Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Planning - Costumes

We had to choose which clothes we want our characters to wear.

THE VICTIM - Nahid Miah

The use of these clothes gives the audience that the person is an 'average joe', and that nothing is unusual about him. Nahid described to the group what type of shirt he should wear, and as a group we thought that would be perfect for the victim to wear, as it is something a normal person would wear.

THE KILLER - Jakir Hossain

We then had to choose what the killer would wear. We wanted to create a mood of mystery surrounding the killer, thus we wanted to include minimum amount of shots on him, also we wanted these shots to be very unclear so we used a cap and black jacket to hide is appearance as much as possible.

We decided Viet's jacket was perfect for the killer to wear, as it is fully black with no other colouring involved. We also decided that Fuzail's hat was also perfect for the killer to wear, as it is also fully black with flaps. Both these costumes are important as it's essential for the killer to wear blacked out clothing.

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