Monday, 7 March 2011

The Fake Blood!

For our Climatic Ending, we needed to make fake blood that 'splurred' the victims mouth. But it also needed to be edible incase we swallowed it by accident, tasted incredibly awful, or genuinely made it hard for us to leave the liquid in our mouth for the time it took to get the shots in.

Fuzail found a site that showed exactly how to make the Fake Blood, and also told us what ingredients were needed to make the paste:


We thought adding a thickener would make it alot harder to keep the Fake Blood in our mouths, and also keeping it runny would allow the shot of Nahid with the flow of it running out of his mouth to be made alot easier.

We found these ingredient in Sainsburys, which Abid was happy and willing to pay for...


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