Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of the our film shatter

Before we started filming we had a lot of problems such as what location to film at but one of groups members stood up and volunteered and offer to film at his house. During the half term we didn't film at all so that was one of our problems but however after the half term we all buckled down at got serious and film. it took us only two days to fully get all our clips.  other than that i think we have produced the film to the best of our abilities. 

If we had more time to film, there is so much more we wanted to include to make our film flow easier and to show off more of our creativity camera skills. 
we also wanted to add a scene of window curtains moving when the shadow figures stand behind the victim and such noise and movements of the shadow figure walking but we haven't had enough time to achieve all of this.

This is one of my favourite scene in our film. it took a lot of time and caution when we was filming this because of the glass piece and we didn't want to harm one of our members.

I would like to thanks all to my group for having such a fun time while filming.

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