Monday, 7 March 2011

The Glass!

The glass scene was originally from Nahid, Fuzail thought of the idea that the glass should shatter and the whole group thought it was a wonderful idea. Abid and Viet found out where to purchase the glass from, so as a group we all put our money together and payed for it.

The glass we purchased was 'cheap' for the glass to 'shatter'; now you know why we chose our title. into little pieces rather than big chunks.

Below is an image of the glass we brought.

We broke one glass to test, however unfortunately we were unable to record the glass 'as' it broke.

Through the test, we noticed several things:

  • The Glass broke and shattered in all sides, therefore made us realise it would be difficult to catch all the glass shattering and sliding towards the camera.
  • The Glass shattered into very little pieces which made it hard to clean up, and also made it dangerous for those who were wearing socks at the time...
  • We have 5 Glasses now, but we also realised it may not be enough, and would also mean we have to clean up 5 different times before we can start the next shot.
Lastly to conclude, since we only tested the one glass, throwing the glass at an angle may make most of the glass fall towards the camera, however it may also reduce the effect of the glass being 'dropped' and look as though it were thrown.

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