Tuesday, 22 March 2011

First Day Of Filming

On the first day of filming, we hired an actor (Jakir) to act as the killer in our film. Fuzail, Viet and Nahid arrived in college at 1pm and waited for a few minutes for the actor to arrive, which he soon did. Then Abid called the rest of the group to tell them that he was going to arrive at 3pm as he had an exam to go to.

So then the 4 people of the group went to the media equipment office and took out a tripod and video camera for the filming.

After this, they got on a bus and went to Fuzail's house which is located in Hackney. We had to keep close attention to the equipment as we were taught to, but more because the area where he lives, was known for  robberies and theft.

When we arrived at his house, immediately we put our bags down and set up the tripod in the living room to get started with the first scene of our film.

Throughout the day, we managed to film:

  • The book scene
  • The setting scene of the house from outside
  • The Drinking scene
  • The scene of Nahid walking to the kitchen
  • Jakir appearing in the background of the scenes
Overall i believe it was a very successful first day of filming as it taught us how we should carry out the rest of the film.

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