Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Planning - Soundtrack

As a group we sat down and discussed which type of sounds we should have in our film.

At first we played around with the idea of including music from other films, but this idea was soon shattered by our teacher, who said that we couldn't add copyrighted music into our film.

We then looked for music which wasn't copyrighted, but to no avail as hardly any of the songs mentioned if they were copyright protected, thus we couldn't take the risk.

Then we decided that we would add relevant sounds into the film as we go along. This meant that there wouldn't be a specific song throughout the film, but more instruments and actual sounds of things in our film, such as the sound of glass breaking and etc.

Below is the instrumental we're going to use in our film production. However we decided to alter the original music, so we can add our marks on to the soundtrack.

Below are two instrumentals that we found and thought we should use in our film production. They both fit in to our film as a whole.

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