Thursday, 24 March 2011


Personally, I think our media film came out pretty well, we succeeded in what we aimed for. We aimed to produce a high quality film that is in the thriller type genre and we achieved our goal.

Our film was about a normal person in his household reading a book and then suddenly an mysterious figure comes across the glass door. The victim in this film comes out to be paranoid and worried, he's anxiety leads him to get some water to calm himself down, but that's when we first see the mysterious figure, after exiting the kitchen the victim looks to his left to see if the theres anything suspicious going on but after he looks at the door he suddenly the figure comes across the door again, but by then the victim is already out the door. The victim then goes to the living room with his glass of water to continue reading the book. Then suddenly a loud knocking is heard, the victim looks towards the hall way with a great deal of caution, he goes to open the door but there's nobody there, he returns in to the house all confused, he then looks to his right with a great deal of anxiety, then thats when you see the figure in the household for the first time, then all of a sudden the glass drops from the victims hand, the glass shatters in to pieces, then all of a sudden the victim drops to the floor with blood pouring out his head/mouth.
If I had more time then I would of liked to change certain scenes, due to the fact that some scenes were a bit rushed and I feel if I had more time then we could of re-take those specific scenes and made it much more better.
Overall, I think our film came out pretty well and my fellow colleagues but their amount in to the work. 

The image on the left is our title sequence, this is the default introduction

The image on the left is when Jakir (killer) comes behind Nahid (victim) for the first time.

The image on the left is when the victim drops the glass out his hand.

The image on the left is when mysteriously the vicim is on the floor and blood pours out your mouth/head.

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