Monday, 14 February 2011

Thriller Planning (Slow Motion)

For movie, we had to do research on how to make our movie better and unique. So going through my notes and watching short clip films. I had an idea how to make our movie stand out. I thought that "would slow motion create a tension and suspense?" I then thought about it and concluded that it would work depending on how we use it. I may consider using slow motion in my thriller film. Down below is some example....

As you can see, when it is played a normal rate we couldn't see such detailed of how each object is moving. But when we play a object or scene in slow motion we see every movement and it allow us to focus on the subject more. Analysing the second clip, we know what is going to happen at the end (as we see the women who is lying on the floor dead) tension is still built up because of the slow motion and we get to see every detailed movement of the car and of how it hit the women. Seeing someone being hurt or abused in slow motion also makes it more disturbing and terrifying to watch which may be a good technique to use.

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