Sunday, 6 February 2011

Font Analyses

Fonts might seem unimportant to the untrained eye, but used correctly, it has such a positive impact on the movie industry. Font usually reflect a part of your personality, depending on which one you choose, it can allow the audience to see what kind of person you are, for example going for a serif font possibly shows you are intelligent, well-dressed, and very formal; although it may seem like we are dwelling to much into it, it is actually how audiences/people think without realising. However using it in a movie industry, would allow the audiences to get an idea of what the film is about, or possible the 'genre' .

There are basically two types of font :

A serif is the extra little 'Flick' at the end of each stroke of the letter.
Such as Clarendon, Rockwell and Courier. Usually are reffered to as a more traditional or Formal look.

Sans Serif on the other hand do not include the extra little 'Flick', Fonts which use this are Optima and Comic Sans. It is used to show a more friendly approach, and also to present views towards the audiences like comical, modern, childlike & informal.

In PEARL HARBOUR, the font being used is Palatino it is Serif Font. It is all in white colour and in capital letter. It might have references to a soldier in a row. Also the military clothing is very well organised as the letters are. As the soldiers are in their uniform, the title represents an order of neatness as the letters of the title are all in the same length in height. It is also intimidating, as soldiers are deemed to be.

In Rocky, the font being used is Franklin Gothic Heavy it is Sans Serif. It is big and bold and easy to read. It tells us that Rocky is not educated. He is simple, but hard working. The title suggests that Rocky is Brave & strong. Through the use of a very curved, smooth edged font it suggests that In the middle, he is soft, kind and caring. It helps the audience to empathise with Rocky and allow the audience to catch a glimpse into Rocky's mind type. As Rocky is of the lower class and Sans Serif is usually reffered to as a lower classed font, it seems be the perfect font to represent Rocky's personality.

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