Sunday, 6 February 2011


Fonts are vital in making an impact on the audience. This is because fonts are used to relate to the movie, which is being shown.

There are 2 main fonts which is used in everyday media.

Serif fonts such as times new roman gives the viewer the hint that the thing they are viewing will be old fashioned, formal and high class.

San serif fonts such as Comic sans tells the reader that the following item they are about to view is going to be friendly, modern, informal and child-like.

We looked at 2 film covers in class.

In pearl harbor, the film is very old fashioned and formal as it is an old war time film. This theme is emphasis through the use of the font. The palatino font is used to create the formal effect, which relates to the film.

The layout of the title font may also be detrimental to the impact the font is trying to make. The letters are all in one, orderly size which may suggest that the letters relate to the soldiers in the film.

We also looked at the rocky film cover. This cover used the Franklin Gothic Heavy font, which is part of the San Serif format of fonts.

The letters are big and bold which may suggest that the film is trying to make a statement about rocky, the main character in the film. This font also tells us that rocky is not very well educated, this is created because of the san serif font which is seen as child-like. The fact that the title is stretched to the edge also shows that rocky is bold and chunky. It also means that their is more to rocky than one can see.

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