Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thriller Audience

Target audiences are vital in creating a successful movie. Our group carefully considered out target audience; those aged between 16-40 because we can relate to that age range more as we are in the same category.

The following table shows that:

1. 31 out of 503 films were of the suspense/thriller genre.
2. the highest grossing film is Angels and Demons, Knowing and Harry Brown.
3. Suspense genre was no match for the other genres in terms of generating money as it only recieved a mere 4% of total film income.

Further research shows that action/comedy/animations are the most money generating genres, thus accounting for 51% of all box office income.

This diagram shows the gender favourites between males and females. Women usually like the romance, period and suspense genres, wheras men prefer the Action sci-fi genre. Both males and females like Comedy and horror, as each respectively brings in a large amount of money.

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