Saturday, 5 February 2011

Animatics Of Pre-lim (ScreenShots)

This was the Planning of our shots.(Abid)

The set we made:

The Door (made Fuzail), Path (made by Viet):

We used scissors to move the jelly baby, so our hands wouldnt get in the way of the jelly baby walking towards the door, OTS Shot: 

The Shot of the jelly baby walking through the Door:

Close Up Of Jelly baby's Expression:

With the help of Nahid, we got a shot of both of the Jelly babies walking towards each other, from either end also with the help of the door, the audience can tell which side they are looking towards:

And finally the Close Ups and Shot reverse shots, to deliver the dialoge:

To finally end the shots, we did the close ups like this^ because the camera just would not focus, this way atleast we didnt need to zoom in and had the entire scene shot in clear focus.

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