Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introduction To Camera

In our last lesson, we learnt how to use and operate a video camera. Below I shall briefly explain what was taught.
The main thing we learnt was that the cameras are very important, and that we should treat it as our own as we will be responsible for the safety of the camera whilst out filming. We also learnt that the cameras cost a high price to replace or repair, thus we must take good care of it whilst we are out.
There are 2 ways to keep focus; Using manual focus or Auto focus. We were recommended to use the auto focus as it will be easier for us in different lighting situations. However if we do decide to use manual focus, there is a rubber slider at the front of the camera near the lenses to adjust focus on the subject.

The image attached, is the picture of the camera we will be using. In lesson, we learnt the basic functions on how to successfully operate the camera.

In the lesson, we also learnt how to use a tripod. The main purpose of the tripod is to reduce the possibility of the camera shaking whilst filming. The tripod has a handle on the side, this allows us to do pan camera angles without having to move the camera around, which will almost certainly involve the camera shaking. The tripod has to be tightened once placed on the top of the tripod. The tripod must also have its 3 ‘legs’ tightened if the legs are stretched.

 We learnt that we must be sensible when using the camera, this meant that we must use the camera during times and places which we felt were suitable. This means that we are not allowed to film in dangerous locations and locations which were out of bounds to normal citizens. We were also told to use the camera during reasonable weather, heavy rain means that we must stop filming and cover the camera to prevent damage.

The borrowing of cameras also meant that we must follow clear timetables on when to return the camera as others may be waiting to use the same camera, thus creating delays which affect other groups filming times.

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