Sunday, 6 February 2011

Opening Sequences

In all films, a certain style is used throughout the opening sequence.

There are 3 styles of opening sequences.

A narrative w/ titles:

Used in A Touch of Evil, Casino and Stepfather.

In the stepfather, the title sequence is very simple. The music is suspenseful whereas the style of writing is ordinary. This helps create the effect of being 'out of place'.

Another structure used is a discrete title sequence. This type of sequence is used in the film 'se7en'. The audience are kept in suspense throughout the title sequence due to things such as close-up and fast cut scenes. These bring on the effect of mystery and suspense.

The final feature is the title over a blank screen, followed by the opening of a film. This is used in Donnie Darko. The opening includes sounds whilst showing a blank screen, this slowly arouses the viewer into wanting to know what happens next, thus creating more mystery.

A unique style of opening sequences is the styled opening. This was used in 'the taking of pelham 123'. This type was used because music is used throughout and the video also goes with the beat of the music. This type of openings draw a sense of uniqueness so that the viewer can gather more hints as to what will happen in the film.

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