Thursday, 3 February 2011

Livetype Introduction
Here is an print screen of what I've created in my first lesson using 'livetype'. As you can see I added an effect that allows the text to move around, this type of effect is highly popular when it comes to being inserted in to movie productions.

There are literally over hundreds of effects to insert in to the text, as well as numerous categories.

I didn't find it difficult to navigate around this software due to the fact that that you need very little knowledge to understand what buttons function what. However, I feel that if I had more time during the lesson I would of had been able to make the text look much more profesional and more appealing to the audience.

Some negative factors that I came across was that, there wasn't a way of getting a fade transition in to our title sequence, so instead of doing it on one file, we had to save the current work then open another Livetype file and then make it from there. That is highly stressful and time consuming.

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