Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 8 learnt over the past few weeks on how to master the techniques and how to use livetext, finalcut pro and soundtrack pro.

Our prelim was was what was expected of us, a few basic angles such as reverse shots and cut-scenes and a basic soundtrack. This was because we had not managed to cover what we were going to learn about the programs of editing.

The angles of our prelim wasnt quite right as we left too much space above my head, this wasnt the right thing to do because a typical shot should have the character in three quarters of the frame. however it was only a few weeks into the media course, thus we didnt know how to film in a professional manner.

However in the final edit of shatter, we put all our skills together to create a masterpiece. Our final film included all our skills which we learnt. This means we added titles using livetext, sound using soundtrack pro and the cutscenes using final cut.

both our unskilled prelim and our skilled final film are below...see the difference for yourself!

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