Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Our preliminary film was that not bad as we used the basic shot types, that we manages to use a couple of match cut shot and shot revere shot that was all, however we still needed to work on making them look a lot better as possible.

We needed to work on the framing of this shot, because the top of abid's head there is alot of space, which is not good in filming because it is hard for the audience to focus on the character. although this was our first time proper filming a  short clip it was quite not easy to do. :)

We used shot reverse shot to show the conversation between the two characters. although there is still alot of space in between the screen and the character but however we managed to used the camera position well in our final movie.

As you can see we have improved our camera position by placing the character and able to fit him in the screen. So there show a big improvement of our success.

We really liked the title of our film, as it was very clear and simple. However it stands out because it is so plain, and it is more traditional and quite formal. Furthermore in our Preliminary we did not use any title or text because we didn't have enough time to do it.

This Medium shot or Two shot of these character are there for a reason because it is for the audience to see the victim in a vulnerable situation and that he doesn't know it yet but the audience does. We thought that this would be slightly creepy, thus reinforcing the genre of our film.

The close up of the eyes is effective as it shows emotions and can make the film more scary, we decided on this because in our preliminary we missed it out therefore we wanted to improve and show the raw emotion of the character.

We wanted to have a the victim on the floor with the blood coming out of his mouth to present us with what is happening and it has more of a thrilling effect as it is quite mysterious. I took this idea from the movie "bloodsport 1988" on tv a couple of weeks before making this movie. It may not be a thriller, but it still worked to create suspense for the audience as we were unaware what was going to happen.

In this photo it show the character falling with blood coming out but we wanted to use a lot more blood to show more dramatic in our thriller. (This was bloodsport 1988)

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