Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 2

Our film represent social groups because the characters in our film are representing modern day people.

The target audience for our film is teens. This is shown by the mise en scene in our film. The characters wear street attire that any teen nowadays would be seen wearing. The killer in our film is wearing a new era cap with a black jacket on top, this is normal and is seen everyday in society, however the way the outfit is used, gives the viewer the hint that this characters is hiding something sinister, which is shown later on.

The victim in our film represents what would now be seen as a 'vulnerable geek'. This is shown through his attire of a chequered shirt and dull haircut.

These clothing attires are used effectively to draw in the viewer in many ways. The fact that they are both wearing everyday clothing, allows the viewer to be placed in the victims shoes. This draws a lot of empathy for the victim when he gets killed later on.

The following picture shows the gulf in class between the killer and victim. The stereotypical view of the victim is that they are well dressed and usually appear to come from a wealthy background, whereas the killer always appears shabby and seems to come from a poorer background.

The VICTIM (from our film AND a real film):


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